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Practical systems

Here are our technologies that will speed up your daily cleaning sessions.

Alle cyclovac stofzuigunits naast elkaar

Retraflex® retractable hose system

Your wish has been granted! The Retraflex® hose retracts into the same piping network used by your central vacuum, not taking any added space within the walls.

Easy to use

This retractable hose system is a must for the optimal use of your central vacuum.

Deploying and starting

1. Pull out the length of hose you need at the moment.

2. Pull the handle to lock the hose and start the central vacuum.


3. Push the handle to unlock the hose.

4. Put your hand over the opening of the hose to allow it to retract inside the wall by suction.


5. Close the door to stop the system.

Do you need help?

For guidance, to get answers to your questions or additional information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

Completely new pull-out handle system

One action to operate! Automatically starts when handle is pulled.

Ergonomic and easy to pull.

Alle cyclovac stofzuigunits naast elkaar

Clean efficiently, with 1 hand, in 1 second with WallyFlex!

The WallyFlex is an innovative auxiliary hose for central vacuum systems. Practical, the WallyFlex is always there when you need it, and can extend up to 4 meters to make your dry messes disappear. Discrete and affordable, it sure is an essential tool to quickly clean the: dryer lint filter, vacuum kibbles that have fallen out of the dog’s bowl, efficiently remove hair around the bathroom sink, and much more! You just can’t do without!

DataSync: a technology at the service of comfort

Taking good care of your home does not only mean vacuuming your floors and carpets. Some delicate objects such as curtains and plants also need to be cleaned, and require extra care. That’s why our DataSync technology offers 4 power levels. This way, you can choose the right one for all your cleaning needs!

Power levels:

  1. Curtains and plants
  2. Furniture and walls
  3. Hardwood and ceramic floors
  4. Carpets and backs

By choosing the lower power levels, the DataSync technology also lets you save up to 20% energy and will prolong the motor’s lifespan. That’s not all! With the DataSync technology, you will never forget to change the bag, empty the canister, change a filter or have your vacuum unit inspected! Your vacuum unit and your hose feature special indicators that will signal recommended maintenance when appropriate.